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Richard Scoville

Richard Scoville is a rather odd duck - he's been on the AHBL radar since 2003 or so and has even gone so far as to try and sue us for listing him as the spammer he is.  Unfortunately, over the years, his behavior has gotten even more erratic and bizarre.  Realizing the dangers of being sued for his speeches, has resorted to using anonymous remailers, usenet postings, and pretending to be his victims.

Known Aliases / E-Mail Addresses

There are quite a few known aliases for Scovile - and one has to wonder if he has some sort of identity crisis.  For the longest time, Scoville was calling himself Margaret Morice (perhaps once his cross-dressing or transvestite identity?), before finally starting to use his actual name on his website Whois.

Other titles Scoville has created for himself include 'CEO', and "Free Speech Czar" (claiming to have been appointed by President Obama).

E-Mail Addresses,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Other Names For Scoville's Businesses

Fly Rite, Fly Now, Scoville Enterprises (both aliases for Scoville's business of illegally selling airline miles/award vouchers)

Quick History

Scoville started "The Free Speech Store" in the early 2000s as a way to turn a profit by using Mafia blackmail tactics.  His goal is to get victims to spend money to reach speeches his website claims people wrote about them.

Before being tossed by multiple ISPs and blocked by mail server admins, his favorite way to do this was to send an e-mail (see attached examples at the end of this page) to the victim advertising his 'service' and website, and giving them a chance to pay around $5 USD to see what was said.

In reality, 99% of the time, the 'speech' was posted by Scoville himself, and was nothing more then him attacking them for something he feels they did to wrong him.  Furthermore, if his victims tried to get their money back, Scoville threatened to deduct a 'fee' of several hundred dollars from their credit card for doing so.

Scoville is also a known Craigslist and usenet spammer, trying to peddle his "Fly Rite" airline miles / voucher scam.

Scoville's Victims

No Internet kook would be complete without a long list of people victimized by their actions. Scoville is no exception, and even has a few victims in real life: - Mail bombing, harassing phone calls, bogus police reports, threats of lawsuits, extortion

Brent Chappell, AmeriSpec - Threats, false complaints about business, tried to extort $100,000 USD out of parent company

Cleveland State University - Threats, harassment

ACLU - Harassment after being told not to post commercial mail (aka his pay-per-libel website) to their mailing lists - Harassment and threats after being spammed via Telecom Digest

Marc Bissonnette - Harassment, threats, the usual behavior after trying to defend another against Scoville

The SOSDG/AHBL, Andrew Kirch, Brielle Bruns, etc - Read all about his lawsuit fraud

Former ISPs

Scoville, like any good kook, has been tossed off of multiple ISPs.  VNDX (who tried to defend Scoville in court, and had been taking him for a ride on maintaining his rather shoddy website), ESpire, Grandecom (who became another victim of Scoville after terminating him), XO (who's legal department nuked him), and now GoDaddy (see 1,2,3)

Please note that any ISP that harbors Scoville will be subject to escalated listing practices, and should legal action be taken against Richard Scoville, may be included in a lawsuit as well for knowingly allowing him to use their services to threaten, harass, intimidate, extort, etc.

False Police Reports

In the past, Scoville has filed false police reports against people for viewing/spidering his website (which he calls hacking).  Contrary to his claims otherwise, the police have not found any wrongdoing on the parts of his victims, and the cases have been closed.

In a really weird twist, Scoville has claimed that the Free Software Foundation's WGET utility is a hacking tool.

Lawsuit Against the SOSDG/AHBL

Most of the important info including case files for the lawsuit is here.  Like most of Scoville's actions, this case was an attempt to cost us money defending it, knowing full well he had the wrong jurisdiction and had no standing what-so-ever.  After facing the same judge and lawyer he had previously lost to years before, the case was dismissed.

Scoville went off the deep end afterwards, threatening not only our lawyer, but the judge (calling him a 'lame duck' and questioning his ethics).

In 2010, Scoville finally admitted what everyone knew all along - that the case was a fraud.  Of course, once Scoville realized what he was doing, and that it would be archived for the world to see, he removed the admission from his website.  Of course, being the good net citizens we are, we've gone ahead and archived this admission for the permanent record (see the attachments at the end of this page).

Partners In Crime Of Richard Scoville

Every kook has partners in crime... Scoville has two - Mike McAllister (a Canadian with a similar M.O.) and Barbara Schwarz (Ms. I Was Born In A Submarine Base Under The Great Salt Lake/FOIA Terrorist herself).  McAllister is about as brazen as Scoville, while Schwarz likes to rant and rave endlessly about conspiracies against herself.

Scoville and Obsessions With Other's Sexuality

Scoville seems to have an unhealthy fascination with other people's sexuality when he posts, heavily using terms like 'faggot', 'boi', 'girly-boi', and more.   While we can never know for sure, it is well known that many people who have severe homophobic behavior are hiding something deep down inside about themselves.

The pink suspenders are also an interesting quandary...


Unless stated otherwise, the content of this page is a matter of opinion rather then fact.  It was assembled from our interactions with Richard Scoville over the years, and reflects our observations.  Please use it, combined with evidence found elsewhere, to draw your own conclusions.