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FAQ: Contacts and Removals

Q: What methods can I use to contact the AHBL?

A: It depends on what you are contacting us about.  If you are requesting removal of an IP address from our database, you will be presented with a removal form which you should fill out with your contact information as well as a section to put your IP addresses/domain names/etc in, as well as a chance to explain how the problem was dealt with and/or why we should not be listing the machines in question. 

The AHBL does not accept calls to any phone number you may have listed for us, nor do we accept postal mail unless we've agreed to coorespond with us in that manner ahead of time.  If you contact us through a non-approved method, don't be surprised if you are hung up on, ignored, or are on the receiving end of an unpleasant response.


Q: The e-mail/spam I send is legal under the US CAN-SPAM act!

A: Not quite.  Al Iverson has a great writeup on his site here about what the CAN-SPAM act specifically says.  In short, CAN-SPAM defines requirements, but does not legalize spam.  Mail server admins are free to decide on their own what they consider spam, and are allowed to block whatever they see fit.  This right was previously affirmed under US Code Title 47,230.


Q: You have no right to block my IP address and/or domain name as a spammer!

A: First of all, we don't block your e-mail (unless you are trying to contact a SOSDG user or hosted mail client).  We simply provide a list of IP addresses and domain names that we've seen misbehaving in some manner - may it be DDoS attacks, to sending unwanted e-mail.

The people who use our list to prevent abuse of their servers are the ones blocking you.  Don't forget, administrators are fully within their right to use whatever services and methods they want to filter e-mail and traffic to their machines/networks.

If you really need to contact someone, and their administrator won't whitelist your IP/domain name in their mail system, there was this device that was invented a long time ago... It has numbers on it, which you press in a certain order, and it makes a voice connection to another person.  I think it's called a telephone, if memory serves correctly.  You might want to give it a try.


Q: I'm going to sue you for a billion dollars for the millions of dollars a day I'm losing in business!

A: *sigh*  One would have hoped that quoting actual US law would discourage people from sending legal threats with no backing, but obviously I was wrong.

If you really want to go this route, I do have some suggestions and guidelines you will want to follow before going any further.

Go reread US Code Title 47,230. Now read it again.  Notice the section about how administrators have the right to manage their networks as they see fit.

Consult your lawyer before making the threat - they may not think its a good idea, or may enlighten you as to what happens when defendants get a dismissal and you're left holding their legal bills.

You should also make sure you are permitted to threaten legal action on behalf of the company you work for - people have been fired for placing their employer in the line of fire without proper authorization.

Be prepared for us to post your threats in public forums, as well as the fallout and side effects.  Be prepared for us to block you from accessing any of our servers for our own protection.  Be prepared for us to possibly contact law enforcement if we feel it necessary for our own safety.

While I'm thinking about it, are you making sure to pay taxes on all those millions of dollars in daily income you make?


Q: How do I get out of the S.O.S. listings?

A: You need to rectify the situation that got you put in the penalty box.  Most of the time, if you got listed for cart00neys (legal threats with no basis), its as simple as making public and private retraction of your threats.  Other reasons for listing may carry other requirements - you'll need to use our removal form to request more detailed information.