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AHBL Listing Criteria

The AHBL is a consolidated listing of hosts, networks, and domains that are considered to be "abusive".

In general, a entity can be considered abusive for several reasons:

  • Directly engaging in abusive conduct, such as spam, denial of service attacks, or other behavior considered by internet community standards to be unethical.
  • Permitting abusive conduct through lax policies and/or lax enforcement. (For example, tolerating spam)
  • Having insecure systems which have either been used for abusive conduct, or which have a high risk of being used for abusive conduct.
  • Providing anonomizing services, due to their high potential for abuse, and the potential to be used to thwart access restrictions.

We break down our listing criteria into categories differentiated by seperate zones and return values as appropriate so that other administrators can use our published listings in a manner that best suits their needs and policies.