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The Legality Of Spam Filtering

Over at Spam Resource, Al Iverson has a post confirming what pretty much every spam fighter knows, but what every spammer will deny and scream bloody murder over - it is fully legal and within the rights of an ISP to block/refuse e-mail, even if it is claimed to be CAN-SPAM compliant.

If you don't believe us, have a read over at his blog.

Please remember that the AHBL may define spam/uce/ube differently from others, so have a look at our listing policies.

Article: Legitimately Promoting Your Site On The 'net

I was spammed today by someone pushing an employment site. This isn't uncommon at all. The site they were promoting was unprofessional, looking like it was thrown together in about 5 minutes using MS word and there were several "Coming Soon" links. This isn't unusual, either. I sent her (the spammer) a note telling her that not only was she spamming, she was spamming a very poorly thought out site with little content and terrible design. We're still not at the unusual stage, yet.

Read the full article by Marc Bissonnette at his website.


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A new DNSbl has been launched - TRBL, aka Yet Another Spamtrap DNSbl.  While the service is new and considered experimental, we've been using it successfully on our own systems for scoring spam.  Check it out, and make sure to follow TRBL on twitter.

Amusing Spam/419s

Sometimes, we get funny spams, 419s, scams, and other e-mails that we like to share with the Internet community.  This is a collection of some of the better ones we've seen.

Spam Archive

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Sometimes, the AHBL archives spam publicly for various reasons.  You can browse this database here or visit some of the recent additions/samples below.


Recent Additions

Richard Scoville

Richard Scoville is a rather odd duck - he's been on the AHBL radar since 2003 or so and has even gone so far as to try and sue us for listing him as the spammer he is.  Unfortunately, over the years, his behavior has gotten even more erratic and bizarre.  Realizing the dangers of being sued for his speeches, has resorted to using anonymous remailers, usenet postings, and pretending to be his victims.

Known Aliases / E-Mail Addresses

There are quite a few known aliases for Scovile - and one has to wonder if he has some sort of identity crisis.  For the longest time, Scoville was calling himself Margaret Morice (perhaps once his cross-dressing or transvestite identity?), before finally starting to use his actual name on his website Whois.

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