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SpamAssassin - SOSDG Filters

The SOSDG and AHBL publish custom rule files for use in SpamAssassin.  There are two ways to access these rules:

Using sa-update

You can run the following command to download and import our SpamAssassin rules:

/usr/bin/sa-update --allowplugins --channel --nogpg

The rules will then (usually) be imported into /var/lib/spamassassin, where your system will begin using them.  We recommend updating once per day, which you can do using crontab.

Download from the website


Software is the key to protecting your systems and asserting your right to control what can access your computer, e-mail box, network, etc.

SMTP Server

  • exim - The mail server software of choice for the SOSDG & AHBL.  Can support many configurations and complex access control lists.

Spam Filtering

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