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richard scoville

Press Release from the former head of the AHBL regarding Mr. Richard M Scoville.

My name is Andrew D Kirch, I'm one of the founders of the AHBL, and served in that capacity until 2008.    I've been harassed, extorted, sued, and defamed by a Mr. Richard Morton Scoville, a resident of San Antonio, Texas for a period of 7 years.  During that time I have suffered nearly irreparable damage to my character, and public reputation.  I've been questioned by police, and my customers, and I have incurred over $10,000 in legal costs defending myself in court against this person.

Richard Scoville

Richard Scoville is a rather odd duck - he's been on the AHBL radar since 2003 or so and has even gone so far as to try and sue us for listing him as the spammer he is.  Unfortunately, over the years, his behavior has gotten even more erratic and bizarre.  Realizing the dangers of being sued for his speeches, has resorted to using anonymous remailers, usenet postings, and pretending to be his victims.

Known Aliases / E-Mail Addresses

There are quite a few known aliases for Scovile - and one has to wonder if he has some sort of identity crisis.  For the longest time, Scoville was calling himself Margaret Morice (perhaps once his cross-dressing or transvestite identity?), before finally starting to use his actual name on his website Whois.

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