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A new DNSbl has been launched - TRBL, aka Yet Another Spamtrap DNSbl.  While the service is new and considered experimental, we've been using it successfully on our own systems for scoring spam.  Check it out, and make sure to follow TRBL on twitter.

Lookup/Removal Tool

The removal/lookup tool is no longer available. Please see this page for more information.

AHBL DNSbl Code Responses & Meanings

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To help you understand why an IP is listed in our DNSbl database, we have established the following policies:

Open Relay (Response:
This IP address is listed because it is an open SMTP relay - either a single relay, or a multi-stage relay.  An open SMTP relay means that a third party can send e-mail through the server on that IP address without authorization (to spam, for example).

Open Proxy (Response:

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