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About Us

The AHBL is operated by a division of the Summit Open Source Development Group (SOSDG), a developer of open source technologies.  Based on data pulled from various sources on the Internet, plus our own custom tracking tools and databases, the AHBL provides a highly useful database of known problematic machines on the Internet.

Unlike many of the other lists out there, the AHBL focuses on community involvement and communication.  When contacting us, you get to speak to the same people who manage the database and who know its operations best.

The AHBL has been in operation in it's current form since October of 2003, and was previously known as the Summit Blacklist since late 2000.  The AHBL is considered an evolutionary step in the SOSDG's spam fighting services.

Although we share data with other lists (and vice versa), we are not associated with any of the other DNSbl lists such as DSBL, SpamCop, or SpamHaus.  We can not help you get removed from other lists.

If you are a reporter/editor from a media source, we would be more then happy to discuss our operations or any other spam related topic with you..